Monosemikodachrome text

Monosemikodachrome text

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monochrome Semitone Kodachrome exhibition!

room ready for mail art workshop

Pimlott reception (notice amazing painting on walls!)

I spent two days at Pimlott over the weekend. The first was a private view of art and mail art. Tthere were about 60 people and drinks and food were served at the table where I had my mail art workshop the following day.  Everyone had a chance to look at the mail art up close.  We: me, Patrick (husband) and Helen (friend) hung the pieces in my usual way, and used the window seats for some.  There is also a box covered with fabric that has some other stuff, that you can see in the mail art workshop pic.

I hung the school postcards off a chandelier which I wrote a little bit about. I hung some work that was sent for Bad Romance, Bad Burlesque and some general mail art, that I felt needed to be seen.  People wanted to know if they could buy pieces.  I explained that it is part of my private collection and NFS.

Everyone there went into the barn and we listened to musicians who had flown in from Europe play music related to colour and  black and white. Daniela, a soprano, sang about colour, mostly green.
It was a stunning evening.

Yesterday was a beatiful day and not as many people came to the mail art workshop as had last year.  In fact, not as many people came to view the art and mail art during the day, but the concert was full and people were able to look at the work after the concert.

I loved the way all the work co-existed.  It all felt very connected and relevant and I was proud to share the space with all my international mail art friends!  Thank you!

I have a list of people who participated but I received a few pieces that I haven't yet scanned, so I will do that in a later blog, along with an updated list!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vivid musical !colour from Torreveuja Espana

I was fooled into thinking Antoia's mail art was for maritime mail art as it had a boat on the envelope!  This is clearly musical colours! Many thanks.

Atȍlye Arts-In! Musical black and whit to colour!

Meral Aḡar

Meral Aḡar

Meral Aḡar
Zȕrkan Elçi

Zȕrkan Elçi

Hilal Tuşoluk

Ȍznur Kepge

Delighted to receive a beautiful collection of MSK responses from Meral Aḡar, Zȕrkan Elçi, Hilal Tuşoluk and Ȍznur Kepge of Atȍlye Arts-In.  They feel like a piece fo music, structurally interesting, full of movement and range!  I am enchanted by these replies.  Many thanks.

Hatin Josée sends colour to compete with garden flowers at MSK events!

Asemic Fluxus black and white to colour from Victoria Barenko

Electric colour from Private World, Phoenix Arizona